Time as a fourth dimension. Time as a relative concept. Time as an immeasurable entity. Whatever definition you've heard, consider one more: time as a galactic concept.

This calculator quantifies time with respect to other planets. You ought to use it.


Earth is


To encourage people to say things like "This warranty lasts 1 Mercury Year," "That Galapagos Turtle is over two Neptune years old," or "See you in two Jupiter days."


The calculator make the following assumptions:

  1. 24 hours in an Earth day
  2. 30.4375 Earth days in an Earth month (days of the month vary; I had to take an average)
  3. 365.25 days in an Earth year

Data on planetary orbits was taken from this site. You can find a chart of my calculations here.

Earth minutes and seconds do not show up because the precision of the calculations is difficult. Planetary >months do not show up because they do not exist, ie. scientists have not yet devised a time schema for other planets beyond "day" and "year."

Pluto is not listed because Pluto is no longer classified as a planet.


This site is by the same person who does a lot of other stuff.